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Si No Products Categories Descriptions
1 MEASURRMENT PRODUCTS measurement and analytical devices, valves and final control elements or systems and software.
2 VALVES, REGULATORS, & FINAL CONTROL Elements:Fisher, Valve Automation, Francel, Tescom, TopWorx etc.
3 MICRO MOTION products and services: Coriolis Flow, Density Meters, Coriolis Transmitters, Dedicated Density & Viscosity etc.
4 AUTOMATION SERVICE From frequency converters, motors and gears to couplings.Our integrated drive systems will enable you to create Motion Control and CNC solutions.
5 VALVE SERVICE Instrument & Valve Services provides trusted expertise for reliability-centered control valve maintenance and repair.
6 REGULATORS We deliver quantifiable results using proven processes, cutting-edge technologies, and preventative services for lifecycle of your equipment.
7 INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS Services: Asset Optimization Services, Process Automation Services, SureService system support etc.
8 FOOD & BEVERAGE For environment of increased pressures to be first to market with new products and produce a quality product with low operating costs,food and beverage companies are finding it difficult to stay competitive.
9 INDUSTRIAL ENERGY Applications: Boilers, Fired Heaters, Steam Headers, Steam Traps etc..
10 POWER & WATER SOLUTIONS power generation and water/wastewater treatment industries by delivering the widest array of advanced instrumentation, control, and automation technologies available.
11 CHEMICAL Solutions: Agrichemicals ,Industrial Gases, Petrochemicals, Polymers etc..
12 OIL AND GAS Emerson has unsurpassed expertise & capabilities in all aspects of automation and information systems related to production, transmission, & processing of oil and gas products.
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